I Help Women (35+) Manifest their Dream Life using Meditation.

After manifesting my husband via a homeless man, thousands of dollars in 24 hours (many times), my beautiful twin babies, healthy body (at 41), aligned friendships, a life 1000s of miles away from Australia where I was born….

I created a unique method that uses the exact techniques I implement. Manifestation is work. But it works. It’s more than just having a dream…

I will teach you how to collapse time and reach your manifestations, the ones you may be feeling aren’t in reach.

They are, with my unique method.

Click below and join my free group full of value, support, and connection. I support self love, confidence, mindfulness and only bring HIGH VIBES – the group will be paid soon, join now.


I'm an Educator Podcaster Author Speaker Mother and World's Biggest Life Lover

Presenting The “5 Minute Self Love Journal” By Nicole Brodie – A Life-Changing Self Care Journal For Women To Get One Step Closer To Loving Themselves!

Journaling is a simple yet impactful ritual that can change your life outlook if you commit to following it. This morning and evening self love workbook for women comes with everything you need to turn the spotlight on yourself, listen to your needs, and take care of yourself.

Implementing this comprehensive journal into your daily routine will help you:

💞 Practice Self Love Through Daily Affirmations

💞 Write Down & Reflect On Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Goals

💞 Find Things To Be Grateful In Your Day



Nicole is not your ordinary coach. She swears a little when passionate, uses a non cookie-cutter approach, tunes into the guidance from strong intuition, uses healing and at the same time doing it whilst smiling and having fun.


The Newsletter

It’s all about the inner circle and energy you let it. I promise when you open my email you will feel the good vibes. Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes I will swear, sometimes there will be a random offer just for you. It’s where I sit in the evening or early morning and share what I feel will bring you value. You get the uncensored and completely ‘naked’ version of me. And when you join, I will also share one of my top secrets with you. What are you waiting for?


Invest in Yourself

If you’re feeling unfulfilled in your life and putting up a facade of happiness, let’s work together to turn things around! No matter where you are or what your circumstances may be, investing in yourself through self-care and self-development can lead to a better future. Take control of your life and start achieving the success and fulfillment you deserve.

Contact me today to start turning your life around.

The connection call is an opportunity for you to learn more about the coaching process and to determine if you are ready to invest in your personal and professional growth through my unique coaching manifestation method.

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Pre-Pregnancy Program

Designed for women who want to ensure their bodies are in top shape before conception, our program includes personalized lifestyle changes, a 3 month fitness plan, recipe, log books and more!


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EmpowerME Project

EmpowerMe Project is a program aimed at supporting women to achieve their goals, build self-love, and become the best version of themselves. 


Thanks for visiting my page, I want you to know you are worth it. You are here, I believe for a reason. Follow your inner guidance, connect with me, just go for it. We got this.

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