Why i stop blogging once i was pregnant

It’s been a while. I had a bit of a hiatus from my blog as, to be honest, this blog was very focused on my own journey through infertility and I found it hard to reconnect as someone who had ‘passed’ that stage and I felt guilty writing on the next steps of my journey as I know many were in the same process and some still are.
Then I realized that I would be doing a disservice to those that were following and I still and I still have a lot to share although I may not be at the same stage as I once was I still have been through it and daily chat to women to share tips and advice.

Now I am a mum of 3 beautiful children. The boys are nearly 1 year old and my daughter is nearly 6. I have loved witnessing the bond of my twins and I am grateful daily. I am at home with them and I couldn’t feel more blessed.
My business has expanded and I will be doing a blog post shortly on managing kids and a business with my top tips as to how to survive and stay alive lol.

My heart is always with the TTC women and pre-pregnancy and although I may blog less on fertility, I am an open book and open my door (or email more likely) to anyone who has any questions or wants a chat. I believe I went through my journey and experience to be able to help and share with others so I will forever be grateful for that.
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