What to do during the 2ww + tips for after.

If you have been trying to conceive for over 8-12 months, you will most likely be familiar with the term ‘The 2WW’ aka ‘The (dreaded) Two Week Wait’.  
This blog post will give you some ideas that I myself have learnt, together with some great tips from women around the world who wanted to share their own tips!
The silver lining in this is that through the journey if you haven’t already, you get to meet amazing women. Come and see for yourself on my IG page. So many amazing women supporting each other and I promise you will meet some amazing friends, that understand what you’re going through. *You will laugh, cry and perhaps cringe. Just a warning! In fact, come and see where some of the inspo came for this piece. Check it out HERE
Get to the point, Nicole.

Suggestions For Your 2WW

1. Eat warm foods (soups, stews, warm salads and so forth – the body will need 

to work less on processing and more energy will be used to make your baby).

2. Keep your feet warm. Chinese medicine suggests the feet are associated with your uterus. Warm feet = warm uterus.

3. Fertility meditations. Firstly it will ease some stress and help you relax. Secondly guided meditations for fertility are great for visualizations.

4. Affirmations. Create a list of affirmations. Feel, see, hear, smell the reality of your dreams. 

If you have our TTC package – you will get some suggestions in your program. 

5.Eat pineapple. Check out our ‘Benefits of Pineapple for Fertility’ post for all the details but in short – the core contains an enzyme that is great for the 2ww. 

6. Fertility yoga. Again, great for relaxation and also to assist with implantation.

7. Chat to close friends that understand or chat to us over on Instagram or join our FB group. We are here for you.

8. Self-care. Book a massage, manicure or anything you love and will make you feel amazing. Trust me, you will not be sorry.

9. AVOID high impact exercise, get fresh air and go for walks during this time. If you are after an IVF cycle its best to stick to walking and light yoga. I wouldn’t get all exercise crazy during this time. Even as an exercise junky I only walked and did some fertility yoga.

10. Essential oils. I can’t live without these. Lavender for the evenings. Clary sage is also great for fertility. Do some research, see what suits you and definitely give them ago. They will rock your world.

Obviously, keep your body nourished. Eat clean, healthy foods that will support your body during this time. Personally, I made sure I had my complete vegan shake every day and put in my wholefood capsules so that I knew every single day my body was nourished even if i didn’t have time to eat ‘correctly’. 

Do your best to avoid coffee/alcohol in the two weeks. One or two here and there won’t hurt. Avoid alcohol. It’s a touchy subject as if you have been through this process many times it can be a bit of a ‘go with the flow’ kind of thing so it’s very personal. I’m just putting these here as my personal recommendations. No judgments. 

Rest. It’s ok to sit and watch some Netflix and chill out!

 From women around the globe:
“I’m in the 2ww currently and on my 2nd round of IUI. This time around I’m having more fun with it and not taking everything too seriously. I’m having as much sex with my husband, because he is hot and we deserve to be connected in that way. The first time I was convinced it would work. But this time around I’m aware that it might not.”

“I baked my way through every two-week wait! Tried new things I’d never baked before (the challenge is a great distraction), plus you get to eat the results 🍰 And if the cycle was successful, I’d have a lot less time to bake in the future.”

“Try to live life as normal as possible. Try not to obsess and Google things!”

“I focused on healthy meals and experimented with cooking new recipes using the instant pot. My freezer was stocked by the time the 2ww was over. I also made a huge batch of bone broth that I sipped on each morning. And dinners out with friends catching up during this time was fun. I think filling up the 2 weeks with things you enjoy, socializing, and self-care are helpful to keep things fun and distracting, makes the time go!”
“A good session in the gym followed by a good feed guarantees a deep sleep for me. Also lots of really good upbeat music. If I’m cooking or baking or doing stuff in the house, or on the commute to work I make sure I have some decent distracting music to take me away into happy place!”
“Do NOT take pregnancy tests”.
“Creative outlets help a lot as well, because if I don’t end up making a baby, at least I made something which brought me satisfaction this cycle, and I can be relatively sure I will keep it. There are no guarantees of that sort with a pregnancy.”

Now, let’s celebrate ‘FAILURE’
Below: real pic of myself and hubby making the most of the sushi eating freedom! Was actually the best I have ever had, what a bonus!

So, you did the wait, and it was a BFN. Yep, fk$n sucks – no two ways about it. I have learned that you just gotta take it and move forward and see what tomorrow will hold. Personally, I take one day to let it all out and feel whatever it is that I need to feel. Then the next day I pick myself up and move forward. This is a very personal journey though, and each must do what they feel is right for themselves. Some will want to go talk to friends, some will want to be alone, some will want to just scream. It’s all ok!
Now, about the celebrating. I realized that the best way to feel good after the BFN is to just enjoy all the things that I couldn’t really do during that TWW or wouldn’t have been able to do if pregnant.
I would go as far as to say I would almost jump in the ocean and eat raw fish and scream “Thereeeee… how about that, then!”. Half joking, half not.
Enjoy things I wouldn’t be able to do if I found out I was pregnant… wine, sushi, and soft cheese, kick-ass workout. A nice distraction spoiling myself with things I love xx
Give it a go, remember whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! These journeys is what teach us, help us grow, and build our tenacity, inner power, and strength that will lead us to the rest of our lives.

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