Why I feel the best the best life balance coaching for working mums can’t be a cookie cutter coaching program


When I started my online journey it was in the online marketing space, it was super heavy on self development. We trained on how to do video marketing (this was over 10 years ago)! We dove into teachings of the secret, manifesting, positive affirmations, ongoing self development. I learnt all the different online marketing techniques and I loved it. 


This was just before becoming a mother for the first time. I wanted something that would allow me to work from home and be around my newborn baby, the kind of ‘new mom life’ life. 


What I did before for work/career is another big blog post but here is what I want to share with you about what I learnt over the last 10 years going from digital marketing and then becoming a mumma, getting on a plane at 37 weeks from Tel Aviv to give birth in my home town Melbourne, Australia then flying back to tel aviv when Shai was 6 months. 


We arrived and it was actually my first big experience of being in a state of war. Yes. We arrived to I think a day later alarms going off all day, missiles in the air and having to run to the bomb shelter all hours of the day and night with my newborn. I vividly remember running from training of my business courses to the shelter and back and trying to record my videos wondering if an alarm would go off. 


What I learnt from this was RESILIENCE. Unfortunately since then, it’s happened multiple times. I was sharing this with a high performance coach and he said WOW – “you know that because you are sharing this and telling me that you don’t get stressed and that you have built an auto response of resilience and learnt to cope that is a massive super power – that makes you an incredible asset to your clients in your coaching, especially for the  for working mom, especially because stress is stress and you have learnt how to cope on an extreme level”. 


I thought about what he said, he was right. Everyone freaks out around me and I stay in a sense of calm and peace. Of course I get worried about my family and safety but I am still calm and have a sense of inner peace.  Don’t get me wrong, I invested a LOT of time and even money into training my brain, studying, commitment to daily self development and mindset work, mindfulness, stress relieving techniques etc. This even gave me an idea to create a short video series for working mums , i focus super quick on my secrets to better fitness, reducing stress and improving sleep -. Its basically all about work life balance –  you can get it here.


Lets fast forward to when my twins were born.  I was running a business and I made the choice to keep going. I think because when you are passion driven, it’s not ‘work’. It’s life. I would be breastfeeding them both tandem and replying to my team and getting on zooms.I remember my mother and father in law kind of thinking i was insane. I think they thought I was always on the phone to friends, hard to explain to the older generation it’s work even if it’s from the phone.  Have you ever had that ‘look’ from people when juggling your career and business and being a mother? I wonder if the men get the same look? 


Fast forward about a year and a half and then friking corona happened. I was running a business and actually working for a company and in lockown with all the kids alone as my husband is a carpenter and its ‘necessity ‘ work. 

nicole brodie

We made the decision just before corona to take the boys out of their crib to beds BAD CHOICE lol . So each time they had to nap it took me 3 hours (i kid you not) to try settle them and be with them as they ran all over the place. 


I attempted to home school my 7 year old in a language that I struggle with. We had one computer and got her a new one but it never seemed to connect to zoom so I’d usually be trying to share my work computer with her. So much fun. 


I managed to still exercise, keep on track with my business, work, omg we even started toilet training the twins. This is when I knew that I had built something over the years which today is my superpower, one that needs to be shared.


 I can be in extreme stress and still cope, balance and be happy no matter what is going on around me. 

nicole brodie
coach with Nicole Brodie

For SURE i had a few meltdowns. I am human, but 80% of the time it was all managed and I feel now it’s my duty to help other mums like you who are juggling a career or business whilst still being a wonderful mother, which of course I know you are.


 I knew i needed to be a Life coach for working moms


I would receive calls , read fb groups and see the extreme stress, the self sadness, the broken relationships, the women that felt they had no time to exercise, no time to work on themselves and I knew that my journey meant that I should serve these amazing super mums. 


To be a life coach for moms. To be a work life coach for moms in fact to share what I have learnt over the past decade. The thousands I have spent on my own self development but more than that.  I believe that being a coach is not a cookie cutter approach. Its not about asking ‘what are your goals’ etc etc . It’s part of it but there is an inner calling I have to listen and to help heal, to work on each woman as an individual, to listen, to help them move forward in a way that serves them. 


We are all so different and special and I know for a fact my journey has given me the empathy and conditioning to just feel a deep connection with my clients.  I am not saying that working by the book can’t work. I kept trying to do it, but my inner self and intuition keeps pulling me to listening and moving from another level, perhaps a more spiritual level with an intertwine of coaching skills. 


I truly believe the best female life coaches for moms are ones that work off their intuition, healing energy and work with the clients own personal journey.  Not just from a book but together with. 

Working together with some life coaching mainstream ideas definitely can work, I just don’t feel that working by the book like we are all the same is truly giving clients what they need or deserve and that is why I get so excited working with  moms. 


My clients main response from our work is that they feel they believe in themselves and they are happier and wake up with purpose.  My goal is to help busy moms, working moms, career driven moms. Moms doing it all who need a life coach. Some support, accountability and someone to believe in themselves that they can have it all. They can look good, feel good and have it all. That it is possible and to do it happily.  


Every month I open a few spots for coaching mums 1:1, I plan to probably only do this till the beginning of 2023 due to time restraints and other projects and then I plan to change the programs up a bit and probably only keep the 1:1 coaching for the very high ticket clients.  


So if you want to take advantage of this special time where I can connect with you weekly 1:1 with my signature 3 month program, you can apply to see if you qualify for a call to chat about the opportunity to work together. I am super selective just to be sure it’s a good match for myself and of course for you. Apply here 

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