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Do you need someone to hold you by the hand and provide with personalized coaching so that you can accelerate your personal growth?

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Ready to Develop Empowering Habits? - Today Only!!!

In addition to the 5-Day High Vibe program you just purchased, I also provide a coaching program which is ideal if you need:

Igniting your self-worth and self-compassion

Goal setting and action planning 

Manifestation of your dreams and attracting prosperity

Transforming your mindset for happiness and success

Find your identity, purpose and where your fulfillment lies

Self-love advice, tips, and resources and much more...

I'm Nicole

My goal with these coaching sessions is to provide you with a safe space to share your worries, stress and problems and build a customized plan to find your purpose, attract more opportunity and build your dream life. 

Everything you need to take your
self-love to a new level.

This is an in depth program to take you from self-destructive to queen mentality. This is the opportunity you've always been looking for... someone to hold you by the hand, to show you what needs to be done in order to get your life back on track and how

This coaching program is NOT info-based but it is a strategical solution to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

The Self-Love Coaching Program program works in a cycle of 1 working session (60  minutes) followed by a catch up call (20-30 minutes). You will have 6 working sessions, and 4 catch up calls by the end of week 6. 

You will go through the 4 core stages of Self-Love Coaching Program plus...

Million Dollar Decisions, shadow work training, body acceptance, law of attraction, laughter therapy and...
Forgiveness, self-compassion, clean diet, and exercise workouts
Personalized meditations designed to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation, stress relief, promoting well-being and improve self-love and self-awareness
3 months of FREE access to my private "EmpowerME" community after the 6 weeks is completed.
Personal access to me via WhatsApp at any time, receiving prompt responses and assistance, ensuring your needs are addressed without delay. 

Payment plan: 4 payments of $999.75  OR $3,999 one-time 


"Working with Nicole in the 1:1 coaching program was an eye-opening experience. She guided me on a deep exploration of myself, helping me gain a profound understanding of my struggles and challenges. With her compassionate support, I was able to navigate through my hardships and find a path towards inner peace and freedom. Her expertise and personalized approach truly transformed my life. I am forever grateful for the profound impact she have had on my life."


"Engaging in 1:1 coaching with Nicole was a game-changer for me. Her skillful approach helped me unravel the layers of my being, gaining insights into my true self and the barriers that held me back. With her unwavering guidance, I learned how to navigate my hardships and transform them into stepping stones towards a life of love and wealth. Her unique approach and ability to create a safe space allowed me to grow and flourish. I am forever grateful her. Thank you"


"I cannot recommend Nicole enough for her exceptional 1:1 coaching. Through our sessions, she helped me dive deep into my inner world, unearthing the root causes of my struggles and with her guidance she allowed me to navigate my challenges to transform them into opportunities for more success." 


"Working one-on-one with my coach was a life-altering experience. Nicole helped me gain an in-depth knowledge of myself and my struggles, guiding me towards breakthroughs and profound transformations – Can't recommend her enough to anyone wants to create more self love, becoming more caring and attract their dreams..." 


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