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My Daily 5 Minute Self Love Journal

Embark On The Fascinating Journey Of Self Love!

The Fastest Way To Change Your Life

Presenting The “5 Minute Self Love Journal” By Nicole Brodie – A Life-Changing Self Care Journal For Women To Get One Step Closer To Loving Themselves!

Journaling is a simple yet impactful ritual that can change your life outlook if you commit to following it. This morning and evening self love workbook for women comes with everything you need to turn the spotlight on yourself, listen to your needs, and take care of yourself.

Implementing this comprehensive journal into your daily routine will help you:

💞 Practice Self Love Through Daily Affirmations

💞 Write Down & Reflect On Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Goals

💞 Find Things To Be Grateful In Your Day

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Self-Love Meditation

These short guided meditations can help you improve your health, strengthen your self-esteem and love you self & body.

The Self-Love Handbook

The Self Love Handbook is a 68 page guide that will strengthen your self love journey. It includes teachings, tools and fillable exercises. Usually $47, yours for free with your journal purchase.

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About Nicole

Nicole Brodie is a business owner, self-education enthusiast, self-care advocate, determined achiever, frequent traveler, margarita mixologist, and a proud puppy parent.

I wear many hats. And I bet you do too!

We all have dreams that we’ve put on hold for one reason or another.

But I’m here to help you bridge the gap between those dreams and actually living them.

So why not start making it happen let’s say… as soon as possible?

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