Hospital bag essentials for twins or singletons

Well, the time has come. I am week 33 pregnant (with twins) and figured now is probably the right time to organize my baby bag. I wanted to share some of what I feel are the essentials, last time I was totally unprepared so I wanted to pull up my socks this time. There’s a short video showing each item on my IGTV channel – so head there if you want to check it out, would love to see you, and be sure to follow me as I do a lot of my updates on Instagram. There are a few things missing that I need to add, I’ll pop it in at the bottom of the list.

From top row:
1. Wholefood capsules ( I take daily, can’t leave home without them)
2. Kotex disposable padded knickers (they look interesting, indeed)
3. Antibacterial gel (germophobe by heart)
4. Slippers (my stolen hotel slippers, must-have)
5. Nursing pads (not sure if needed, but just in case)
6. Lightweight dressing gown (‘glam’ for visitors)
7. Nanobebe breastmilk bottles (if preemie and they look so cool so have to include them)
8. Light disposable undies (easy and light)
9. Travel pack – soap, shampoo, conditioner & deodorant (nothing like your home organic products)
10. Protein Bar (Ill be adding dried fruit and nuts)
11. Ahava hand cream (because, why not?)
12. Kmart koala blanket (taking a bit of Australia with me)
13. Bonds wondersuits (I’ll bring about 6 I think)
14. Nanobebe flexi pacifiers 0-3 months (I will need to sleep at some stage, relying on these babies to work their magic in place of my boobies)
15. Nanobebe breastmilk bags (just in case)
16. Avene water mist (spray me, spray me)
17. Nursing top – target I think! (easy access)
Forgot: Toothbrush, organic nipple cream, phone charger, lavender oil, prune juice (stool softener), nursing bra, old Pj’s, comfy clothes to leave with.
Super excited, especially after such a long road to pregnancy.  Now I actually need to pick all these items up and put them in the bag lol.
If you have any items you think I’m missing, leave me a comment on my IG post!
xx Nicole

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