From Ordinary to Extraordinary:
How to Raise Your Vibes and Live Your Best Life.

The “Secret” Behind The Most Successful People in History…
Now Yours…

What is the most powerful force on the planet?

Is it money?

Is it love?

Is it energy?


It’s vibration.

Everything around you and within you is energy and constantly moving and vibrating...

Low vibrations mean a low energy and limited life. 

High vibrations equal a prosperous life. 

A life where it almost feels like you’re living a fairytale… 

Where all your dreams magically appear in your life.

Doesn’t that sound incredible?

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The key to living a fulfilling life lies in understanding your own values, passions, and purpose.

And aligning your thoughts and actions with them.

Every major religion uses vibration to tap into forces beyond this world.

Vibration isn’t just powerful...

It's All Powerful

Manipulating vibration can give you every single thing you want in your life… 

More energy, money, better relationships, and vibrant health.

It’s even the cure for many diseases…

It will give you that glow some people seem to have naturally

But no one has shared what I’m going to share with you today…

Welcome aboard!

You have no idea how big this moment is…

Tired of feeling stuck in life?

Do you feel left out when you see everyone around you has figured it out?

Do you want more wealth and more freedom… but you keep getting less and less of BOTH?

Do you compare yourself to others show reels on TikTok and insta and think they have it all?

Doesn’t all the stuff outside your control holding you back make you feel… well…


Never really knowing what to do about all your constant struggles and problems.

Never able to truly resolve anything.

Feeling confused and overwhelmed.


Listen, you’re not alone.

Many women these days no longer know what to do to find their purpose and thrive in life.

It’s now more important than ever to uncover your true strengths and find your purpose by using…

Proven, Time Tested, Highly Effective
Principles To Raise Your Vibrations That WORK!

We’re coming down to the wire, beauty. 

You need to have urgency to transform your life into a masterpiece, filled with happiness, joy, and constant growth. 

A universal treasure that will keep you and your family safe from what the life has to throw at you. 

And FINALLY allow you to enjoy the prosperity you desire. 

While most other people struggle day in and day out

With fear and anxiety weighing upon their exhausted shoulders.

If you wait much longer to finally seek out the proven tactics, strategies and secrets you so desperately need to get things growing FAST in your life… it’ll be at the expense of lost time and powerful moments.

You’ll be like the millions of other women who coasted when they should have unleashed their full power.

The Universe Wants
You To Read This...

To live a harmonious and balanced life, we need to align who we are with what we want to be.

It is our birthright to be whole, happy, and abundant, as well as to manifest all of our ambitions and dreams.

Today is your chance to say YES to a better you and to attract everything you have ever dreamed of.

All we have is the present moment.

How you react to opportunities will send back to the universe what you want to attract more of.

Like attract like, wealth attract wealth and so forth.

This is a message from the universe telling you this is your chance to start new chapter in your life and become better you.

I’m not trying to sell you my program, but I firmly believe how you react to opportunities shape your reality.

This is not NOT to say this program will change your life entirely… but it’s a starting point.

What will it be?

YES to joy, happiness, abundance, more opportunities...

... or stay where you are now?

You deserve all the great things in life.

So here’s your starting point to become aligned and empower yourself with the wonderful techniques I’m sharing with you.

The same principles that worked perfectly for me and hundreds of my students.

But don't take my words for it. 

Here's what some of our students have to say about this program... 

"In just 5 days, I got to be aware of how I can raise my vibration, my frequency, and the simple ways that I thought wasn't affecting me actually made a huge difference.

I became more intentional of my decisions, my day-to-day life because I wouldn't be my higher self if I didn't know the root cause".

Catherine Anay

"Nicole’s program was a breath of fresh air during a time in my life when I needed it most. The daily meditations were my favorite part and really made a difference in my energy.
Removed blocks and provided me with clarity and an overall higher vibration"

Carly Ely

Here’s What Inside The 5-Day High Vibe Tribe

Raise your vibe and frequency to attract your dream life in little as 5 DAYS!!!

Every day has an accompanying specially crafted meditation that corresponds to the learnings for the delay for heightened impact and long lasting results.

Day 1

What the F is my vibe and how do I unlock it?

Day 2

How to make the shift from low vibes to high vibes

Day 3

Wheel of influence exercise to visually show you how your relationships relate to your vibes.

Day 4

How you show up, how you walk, and how you look all effects your vibration. Cultivate high vibes to build a better YOU

Day 5

Powerful tools and techniques to raise your vibes and find your true self

Day 6

BONUS SECTION. Workbooks, daily meditations, video training... and more!

Here's all of the Great Things you are getting today...

Here's what the 5-Day High Vibe Tribe can help you with

Your fastlane ticket to create your desired life by raising your frequencies and manifest what you want
This program is beyond "being grateful" "meditate" "think positive" mumbo jumbo... I give you specific instructions that will INSTANTLY raise your vibrational frequency
Elevate your vibration and experience transformative benefits in all aspects of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.
If you don't know what's your life purpose is but you feel you were born for more... this program will help you shift your mindset and help you find who you are and what's your life purpose is.
If you frequently feel drained, tired, depressed and overwhelmed, this program will support you with alternative stress management and healing techniques.

About Your Teacher

Nicole Brodie

I help women who are ready to say “It’s ME time”. You know who you are. You have been putting your life on hold for too long. In that time you lost some of your self confidence and belief in yourself. 

I get it. My goal with this program is to show you how to raise your vibes and manifest what you have always dreamed of... I know that because I've made that happen for me and hundreds of other women. 

Are you next?

Ready to Raise Your Vibes?

Click the button below now to enroll. You'll get instant access to Day 1 of the program.

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For a limited time, Im offering the first 50 people the chance to raise their vibration and attract everything they have ever desired for just $97. ($297)

Daily training videos that will take you by the hand
Daily meditations to boost your growth
Self-awareness assessment workbook 
Morning vibe check workbook
Weekly recollection summary workbook 

BONUS: Plus These Extra Perks

I have also included these additional limited time bonuses 

Daily workbook tracker to stay on track with your journey
100 witty affirmations to help you become more grateful and self loving 
Audio based meditation to use anytime, anywhere
High-vibe action brainstorming workbook to help you identify things that are helping you or stopping you from achieving your full potential
Completion creative for you to share

Your Questions Answered

"Is the High Vibe Tribe for me?"

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a business owner or anything in between I can tell you this is for you. I have condensed over a decade into 5 days (literally) with this program and there's content on here for every single level. Every woman need to feel amazing about herself and feel comfortable in her own skin. If you believe there's more to experience in life but not sure how to get to that level, you're in the right place.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for this"

If you’re asking yourself this, I bet there’s been something in your life that you didn’t do because you didn’t feel like you were ready. Honestly, with anything new in life you’re never going to feel fully “ready” but if you've learned anything from my story, none one of the successful people in this world started when they were ready. It’s okay to take uncomfortable action because on the other side could very well be your next level. Plus if you jump in and it’s not for you, just let us know within 30 days and we will issue you a full refund. The risk is on me and I'm totally cool with that.

"I'm terrible at discipline, can I still do this?"

I've been there, but what's inside will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do, step by step. It was specifically designed to be VERY simple and streamlined,

"Well, what if I don't have time?"

If you don't have time to set yourself up for the future you desire and gain new capabilities to thrive in our changing world then you need this program more than anyone. Let me help you create a life where time is an asset not a burden!

Get the complete High Vibe Tribe Program now for only $97 - for a limited time

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