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'Me' Program ~ by Nicole
Unleash the self confident you! Discover unshakeable self love and belief after major life changes! 

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About Nicole


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Nicole's Mission

“I love helping mothers/women feel more confident and stepping into their power. I was once low on confidence and I know how it feels and i know what a difference it can make in every aspect of life. You are simply missing out the best parts of you and your life and what you deserve by not taking action to be that woman you know you can be. I love seeing that transition to when the women i work with get that sparkle, excitement, happiness, drive , motivation and fulfillment.

I love being able to use my journey as a gift to others as to how i completely transformed to live a fulfilled and happy life – i realized i need to share it, this is my gift to the world, to you.”.

Words From Our clients

"Nicole has been the consistent high-energy support I was looking for to take that step out of my own way. As a result I have done things I didn’t expect myself to do that have brought me to opportunities, ideas and people I knew where close by but I took as out-of reach. In about 3 – 4 months of working with her, I can absolutely say I am not in the same place I was when I started, and I can’t wait to experience how amazing the experience of it all will be, say 2 months from now. Her kind of energy is such that even if you are “not feeling it” and want to stay low, you just can’t, she’ll make you want to take the jump and fly high, because you can and you absolutely want to. I’m picky with the people I share my visions with, and I know I chose greatness"

v. *anon

Nicole IS for me an example to FOLLOW when It comes to consistancy and persistancy. Two fundamental característiques succesful people have. She has an amazing power to hold you accountable through her LOVE and passión she shows one time after another when she decides to Go for something. She gives herself a 💯%. If that IS being a mom, coach, mentor entrepeneur, friend, anything. Her ENERGY IS high way Up and contagiously. Just what You need to ACHIEVE what ever It IS You want in your Life. With Nicole Next to your side You have all It takes to get you to achieve what You want in Life. With LOVE and gratitude

Susan Westplate


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