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The Guided Path from Lacking Self-Love to Profound Self-Change and Inner Peace 


Not taking risks is the biggest risk of all. Every day your time loses its value, your present circumstances aren’t enough anymore. To live the life you deserve, you have to master skills that will make you confident, happy, and at peace.

This is why EmpowerME Project was created, to help women all over the world break free from the mundane day-to-day routine into a masterpiece full of success, purpose and impact.

When you join EmpowerME Project, you will learn how to find your purpose, build self-confidence, and learn to uplift your life with minimal effort.

Have your burning questions answered by a top performer life coach with Q/A calls every two weeks.

Strategize with thousands of like-minded individuals that are constantly sharing their tips and answering questions in our community.

Every milestone you have to reach in sequential order to help you build a "worth-living" life. Get full access to every resource you need to help you overcome your barriers.

Attaining emotional well-being, realizing your full potential, and feeling a sense of pride and fulfillment are key components to a quality life.

Motivation is not just a feeling, but a habit that can be cultivated to fuel your drive and determination. Focus your energies on what truly matters, not distractions, and prioritize what is essential. 

Confidence can be elusive, causing insecurity and self-doubt, but imagine the ability to generate it in any moment, allowing you to take on new challenges, ask for what you deserve, and chase your dreams.

Manage your energy efficiently to give yourself the boost you need. Connecting with purpose and leading yourself, your family, and community with purpose and direction is crucial to success.

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building a life through Empowerme Project

A recent global study of 22,000 individuals has indicated that self-love remains a significant concern, and for some, it has been aggravated by the pandemic.

Self-love is something that comes less naturally to some people. However, its value shouldn’t be underestimated.

Looking at the UK specifically, 47% of women feel they are ‘no good at all’.

EmpowerME Project helps you get rid of self-doubt, boost confidence and create good habits.

Our science-backed strategies is here to help you beat low selfesteemself-doubt and anxiety.


When it’s hard and not easy to track, your own actions and results, Nicole is the best accountability partner. She helps to keep me motivated and determined on my goals. Never missing a set appointment and always thinking a step ahead. She’s a strong card for keeping the game up,

L. Plotkin

Mother of 2

Nicole has been the consistent high energy support. I was looking for to take the step out of my own way. As a result I have done things I didn’t expect myself to do that. It brought me to opportunities ideas and people who were close, but I took as out of reach. In about 3 to 4 months of working with her I can absolutely say I’m not in the same place I was when I started and I can’t wait to experience how Amazing it will be a few months from now, Nicole’s kind of energy is such that even if you’re “not feeling it”, and want to stay low you just can’t. She will make you want to take the jump and fly high because you can and absolutely want to . I’m picky with people I share my vision with and I know I chose greatness.


Nicole is an amazing Coach. She lifts me up and she allows me to shine. I can’t explain is Nicole’s energy, but I will just say she is a pure magic, infectious and wonderful. Nicole is uplifting, honest, empowering and kind. I feel so grateful that my pods cross with Nicole, she’s one in 1 million.

Emma C.

Mother of 3

Nicole is for me an example to follow when it comes to consistency in persistency two fundamental characteristics. Successful people have. She is an amazing power to hold you accountable through her love and passion. She shows one time after another want you to type decides to go for something she gives herself 100% if that is being a mum coach, mental entrepreneur friend or anything. Her energy is higher way up and contagious just what you need to achieve were ever it is you want in your life with Nicole next to your side, you have all it takes to get you to achieve what you want in life, with love and gratitude.

Susanne W.

Nicole is an amazing lady that always keeps a team together and thinking what is best for both individuals but as well as a group she makes sure everyone is satisfied and getting the best out of the Zion Golan truly happy for my journey with her and the latest score, she taught me along the way.


Nicole’s post or a daily reminder to me, especially those days when I’m down or negative then she leaves me up.

M. Del Mar


Of course. The goal of the EmpowerME Project is to give you as much resources as possible at the most affordable price range. While everyone tries taking from your pockets, we want to put more cash in your pockets.

In 30 days, if you have NOT taken a leap with your life by either making progress with developing yourself, being more productive, building self-love, or answering your burning questions, then we will give you a 100% Money-back directly to your bank Account. No questions asked. Yes, we are that confident.


You will learn every step from beginning to end on how to create and build confidence and self-love. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and no matter where you are in life right now, you will be handheld to the end. 

If you don’t have time to set yourself up for the future you desire and gain new capabilities to thrive in our changing world then you need this course more than anyone. Let Nicole help you create a life where time is an asset not a burden!

Not at all! Not only will you get to spend time with Nicole in our bi-weekly group calls as she help walk you through the community, you will also have access to our members so if you ever want to bounce ideas off of anyone, collaborate or brainstorm, it’s the place of all places to do that. Some of our most successful students got started in that exact group just by talking to like minded people!


Billed Monthly
$ 29
99 Monthly
  • 200+ strategies
  • Full access to all features in empowerME
  • 2 live calls a month
  • Community access to ask your questions
  • No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime.
  • BONUS - Get my Ultimate Guide to pre-pregnancy program for Free This Week Only ($197 Value)
  • All for less than a couple of large boxes of pizza.


Billed Yearly
$ 299
99 Yearly
  • 200+ strategies
  • Full access to all features in empowerME
  • 2 live calls a month
  • Community access to ask your questions
  • No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime.
  • BONUS - Get my Ultimate Guide to pre-pregnancy program for Free This Week Only ($197 Value)
  • All for less than $.42 a day.


Billed Once
$ 499
99 Billed Once
  • 200+ strategies
  • Full access to all features in empowerME
  • 2 live calls a month
  • Community access to ask your questions
  • No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime.
  • BONUS - Get my Ultimate Guide to pre-pregnancy program for Free This Week Only ($197 Value)
  • One time payment



We’re so confident that this is exactly what you need to get from where you are to where you want to be, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. With that being said – This program won’t work if you don’t work. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!

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