Does female masturbation cause infertility?

Does female masturbation cause infertility?

The term masturbation is usually associated with men, but it is also common among women. However, female masturbation is still taboo, and women feel embarrassed to discuss it openly. Therefore, there are many myths circulating in society about female masturbation.

Masturbation does not cause infertility in women. It is not possible, even if female masturbation results in an orgasm that leads to high levels of oxytocin and prolactin hormones because women can get pregnant without an orgasm. There is no scientific proof for a direct link between masturbation and fertility.

In this article, we will discuss myths and facts surrounding female masturbation.

Can excessive masturbation cause infertility in females?

Female masturbation does not cause infertility, even when performed excessively (more than once or twice a day). Several studies show that around 91% of women masturbate in their life, and it shows positive impacts on women. However, excessive masturbation can cause other side effects in females, including injuries caused by excessive rubbing, irritation in the genital area, and prioritizing masturbation over sex. But infertility is definitely not one of them.

Does masturbation cause weight loss?

Masturbation does not cause weight gain or weight loss. Some people think that they will get slim with excessive masturbation or sex. The fact is that you may get tired after doing masturbation more than once a day, but you will not lose or gain weight. However, the cause of your weight loss could be lifestyle choices, diet habits, and an unhealthy routine.

Does female masturbation affect implantation?

There is no scientific research available that proves the impact of female masturbation on implantation. In the implantation process, ovaries release egg cells in the fallopian tube; sperm cells fertilize eggs that then travel to the uterus to attach themselves to the uterine walls. This process happens after eight to nine days of conception and six to twelve days of ovulation. Sometimes, egg implantation occurs in the fallopian tube leading to ectopic pregnancies. Nevertheless, masturbation cannot affect implantation and cannot cause ectopic pregnancies.

Does female masturbation cause PCOS?

People just want to relate all the diseases to masturbation. But masturbation does not cause PCOS in females or any other health issue as long as you are doing it normally. The reasons for PCOS are not fully understood, but PCOS can be due to genetics, irregular periods, unhealthy routine, but masturbation has nothing to do with it. However, women with PCOS can face difficulty in conceiving.

Side effects of daily masturbation in females in Islam

Masturbation is strictly prohibited in Islam for both men and women and is considered a sin. There are many side effects of daily masturbation that women do not know. You may get an unhealthy masturbation addiction and lose focus and interest in other aspects of life. You can even lose interest in a sexual relationship with your partner because masturbation can reduce your libido level. In that case, you would prefer masturbation over sex due to pleasure, which would disrupt your sexual relationship with your partner. 

Further, masturbation can affect the social life of women because they distance themselves from people and like to be alone. Furthermore, Muslim women can lose control of their nafs, decrease in taufiq, and lose their faith due to masturbation because it makes them weak in front of Satan, and they will be unable to resist their nafs. Moreover, excessive masturbation can affect the physical health of women, such as weaker bladder, limb, and weakened body.

Over masturbation side effects on eyes

There is no connection between eye health and masturbation. The problem is that there is very little information available related to masturbation; therefore, people assume so many things. On the other hand, the fact is that masturbation is healthy for you, and even over masturbation can not cause any side effects on eyes and blindness.

Does female masturbation increase fertility?

Masturbation does not affect female fertility in any direct way. Nevertheless, masturbation can result in frequent orgasms that help sperm retention and easy transport of sperms to the uterus. Further, orgasms release oxytocin, which boosts pleasure, reduces stress, and promotes sexual desire. As a result, women have better sexual relationships with their partners and are less likely to struggle with fertility problems.

Can being unhealthy cause infertility?

There is no specific root cause of infertility. However, an unhealthy lifestyle can impact reproductive health, resulting in infertility. The unhealthy choices that may affect your fertility include over/under body weight, poor nutrition, no physical activity, smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. But you reverse these by making better choices and adopting healthy habits.

What are the side effects of releasing sperm daily?

Releasing sperm daily or excessive masturbation can disrupt your daily life and sex drive. Further, you may feel weak, lazy, sleepy, tired, have muscle cramps, and premature ejaculation. Therefore, you should avoid excessive sperm release.

Does female masturbation affect ovulation?

Female masturbation does not influence ovulation either positively or negatively. Because humans are spontaneous evaluators. It is because females do not ovulate due to sex or arousal, unlike some other female mammals (i.e., raccoons, rabbits, possums, etc.). In women, ovulation and sexual pleasure are totally unrelated.

Does female masturbation affect fertilization?

Many people think that eggs are fertilized in the uterus. But a woman gets pregnant when her ovaries release eggs into the fallopian tube, where sperm cells fertilize them. This process happens after ovulation in females that ensures eggs are ready to be fertilized. On the other hand, if the egg cannot be fertilized by sperm cells, it passes through the vagina. However, masturbation and orgasm do not affect eggs or sperm cells. Consequently, they do not influence the fertilization or conception process.


Masturbation does not have any direct effect on fertility or infertility. As a matter of fact, it has many positive effects on females, including better sexual and reproductive health, reducing stress, protecting against sexual dysfunction, etc. Nevertheless, excessive masturbation can irritate the genitals, injury due to rubbing, etc., but it cannot cause infertility in females.

Nevertheless, if you have difficulty conceiving, you should make an appointment with your doctor. In addition, if you have any concerns or questions, you can contact me.

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