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“After Countless Hours, Sleepless Nights, And Second Guessing Myself… I’m Releasing My First Ever Black Friday Sale”

I’m Going To Go Straight Into The Deal

The only reason why you’re seeing this page is because you were invited.
You somehow saw my ad, you clicked on it and now you’re here.

I’ve been going back and forth all week about Black Friday…

But eventually, it happened. So pay attention in the next few seconds…

Recent reports show women are more prone to feeling dejected, self-conscious & depressed as they cross the 30-year mark…

If you feel you NEED to get back on track, get yourself together, and bring back the old you - that purposeful, driven, and confident person…

What you’re about to discover is undoubtedly the best thing you will ever come across this entire year… Because not only you will be able to bring the best version of you but also create your dream life and fulfill your destiny

This $17/mo will be the best you’ll invest in yourself! Literally can’t believe I am giving this away but it’s the

SAVING $840 - ONLY $17/month

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if not satisfied after the program, I will refund no questions asked.

I want to improve
my life!

Listen up!

If you’re a woman who’s over 30 and don’t remember feeling motivated, determined and think ‘I don’t remember the last time I felt confident’…I’m going to tell you something crazy. 

This small thought has a GREAT snowball effect!

It starts with “God, I am getting unhealthy & I don’t feel good about myself”…

…Which slowly turns into “I just don’t want to get out of bed, nothing feels as it used to”…

Shifting into something even more detrimental – depression and feeling unwanted.

You see how the cycle progresses…

You go from a loving, playful mum to someone who can’t stand anything except for ‘just’ putting up with things.

…But you need to realize this is not how a healthy and progressive person is. 

What you’re feeling is NOT how you’re supposed to feel…

This is why, as a woman myself…

I created the ‘ME’ program for woMEn - An all-inclusive program that caters to women above 30 who want to bring the spark back in their life

Before we move forward, let me clarify this…

It is not a cookie-cutter approach. Not a program that’ll just tell you to download the videos only to end up in your document folder. 

Everything we do here is to empower woMEn by guiding them to realize how much potential they hold…and where they can be if they decide to act on it. 

This program will put you behind the steering wheel of your life and help you prioritize every phase of it. 

The hand-held support you will get from me is unmatchable!


I know that you're trying to do something amazing and I want you to succeed.

But I also know that when it comes down to it, it’s not about the product or the program

—it’s about YOU.

That’s why I will be personally coaching you through every step of your journey, from self-love and confidence to health and wellness, lifestyle, relationships

—and everything in between. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

I believe in you! And if I can help you achieve what you want, then I want to help you achieve it.

See what people are saying about this!

How does the program work?

It is a 3-month coaching program that will focus on almost every attribute of your life. But wait…there’s more:

2 virtual group coaching meets a month with me

Bonus PDFs (mindset, meditation, and so on) worth $199

Free VIP upgrades to upcoming masterclass worth $49

15-minute 1:1 meeting with me - I don’t even offer this usually

Access interviews from last summit worth $394

We start in Feb 2023 for a new you!

Meet the coach

Hey there! I am Nicole & I am someone who has been in your shoes once. I was depressed, tired, unhappy, lacking purpose, even drinking too much and filling my life with tv and distractions. 

I was at a super low point until I hit rock bottom and decided something had to change. The rest is history and over a decade in investing THOUSANDS is self development, coaching, courses and learning from the best! 

Today I am a proud mother of 3. Including a sassy 9yo and 4yo twins. My life is wonderful and I attracted absolute blessing into my life using my own techniques that I will share with you. 

Now I am on a mission to help women like you feel as good as I do daily, because it’s your right!

That’s Right.

I’m literally giving you access to my $3,564/year training program for only $17/mo

You will be able to get all of my best tactics, strategies, and blueprints… for the cost of 3 cups of coffee. 

I’ve never made this offer before and this will not happen again.

Get Started Below...

I will never make this offer again. It’s the cost of a few coffees so if this doesn’t inspire you to take action, you may not be ready to make any change, is that what you deserve or want?  We have limited spaces. First to grab the offer wins.


NOTE: This is a special Black Friday deal at ONLY $17/mo & will get back to its original price when timer hits zero ($297/mo).
Help me help you, as I only have a few spots left!

Find the new woMEn and the confidence you need in 2023!

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