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nicole brodie

About Nicole

With over 12 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur and being in the self development and wellness space for many of those years, Nicole is dedicated to use her journey to show you how to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle whilst still being committed to the pressure of a demanding professional environment.


Nicole has created online fitness programs, run her businesses, worked corporate all whilst managing motherhood and helped 100s of people transform their health and mindset using holistic practices, been featured in Shape Magazine, Bustle, Popsugar and countless blogs and went through her own struggles with infertility (now a mother to twin toddler boys and a 8 year old daughter) .


After years of traveling, multiple businesses and working corporate and going through her own struggles with infertility, poor mindset, depression, poor health, Nicole was ‘forced’ to create habits that would help her become happier, healthier, focused and successful and now helps mothers around the world upgrade their lifestyle. Anything is possible.

Nicole's Mission

“I love helping mothers feel more confident and stepping into their power. I was once low on confidence and I know how it feels and i know what a difference it can make in every aspect of life. You are simply missing out the best parts of you and your life and what you deserve by not taking action to be that woman you know you can be. I love seeing that transition to when the women i work with get that sparkle, excitement, happiness, drive , motivation and fulfillment.

I love being able to use my journey as a gift to others as to how i completely transformed to live a fulfilled and happy life – i realized i need to share it, this is my gift to the world, to you.”.

Client Testimonials

“Nicole has been the consistet high-energy support I was looking for to take that step out of my own way. As a result I have done things I didn’t expect myself to do that have brought me to opportunities, ideas and people I knew where close by but I took as out-of reach. In about 3 – 4 months of working with her, I can absolutely say I am not in the same place I was when I started, and I can’t wait to experience how amazing the experience of it all will be, say 2 months from now. Her kind of energy is such that even if you are “not feeling it” and want to stay low, you just can’t, she’ll make you want to take the jump and fly high, because you can and you absolutely want to. I’m picky with the people I share my visions with, and I know I chose greatness.”
V. *anon by request
"Nicole is an amazing coach, she lifts me up , and she allows me to shine . I can’t explain Nicole’s energy , but I will just say she is pure magic . Infectious and wonderful . Nicole is uplifting , honest , empowering and kind . I feel so grateful that my paths crossed with Nicole. she is one in a million"
Emma Caren
“Nicole is an amazing leader that always keep the team together and thinking what is the best for both individuals but as well as a group. She make sure everyone is satisfied and getting the best out of their own desire and goal. I’m truly happy for my journey with her and the leader skills she thought me long the way. " Lisa A
Lisa. A
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